Who is Who

Who is Who Box Set! 3 e-books in 1.

Publication Date: May 19, 2012

Includes: Who is Who at the Zoo, Who is Who on the farm and Who is Who in the Sea.

A Fun, Rhyming Guess Who! At the zoo, on the farm and in the sea...there are lots of animals to see. There is one over there. What could it be?

I have a long trunk and ears that flop. I’m all grey and I like to stomp. What could I be?


I live in a stable and I eat lots of hay. I like to gallop and I say NEIGH. What could I be?

I’m a HORSE.

I have eight long arms, I like to wiggle and wave. I have a big oval head and I live in a cave. What could I be?


There are 30 animals waiting to be discovered.
10 at the Zoo, 10 on the Farm & 10 in the Sea.
Can you figure out “Who is Who”?

The books are also seperately in the kindle store.

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